ZAPHIRE - Communitacion Protocols Integrator

Zaphire is a software product that allows the integration of non PRIME Smart Meters in the Gas & Electric Telemanagament Systems.

It implements virtual concentrators that access to the Smart Meters through any type of communications network. It is able to interrogate them and collect the relevant information for their proper management.

Thus, the Smart Meters Telemanagement becomes a simple task. You do not have to manage them individually, from now on they will be seen in their telemanagement system like the rest of the devices.

Zaphire can be installed both in the customer's operating offices and in cloud environments such as Microsoft's "Azure." In the following picture you can see an example of Zaphire system deployment:

Among the innumerable advantages of using Zaphire as software to manage devices with different communitacion protocols, we should be noted the considerable reduction in the time dedicated to managing these devices and an increase on the reliability across the export of measures, by reducing human interaction in the system.

Thanks to Zaphire you will notice a considerable reduction in the operating costs of your telemanagement system.

Friday, June 8, 2018