Development of an integrated intelligent management system for recharging electric vehicles, in an environment of sustainable electrical network.

The project consists in to aid to the integration into society of electric vehicles through the development of an integrated management system smart charging of electric vehicles within an electrical network.

The new smart system for charge management will be supported by a technological platform that will allow the functionalities related to this management, both the fixed charge positions as through the PREMISE mobile charger. All of this is possible thanks to the integration of the necessary communications for the operation of smart grids (with all actors involved in the power supply) and the communication with various distributed generation systems associated with micro communications networks, such as mini wind systems photovoltaic, Stirling engines, batteries and accumulators with different sources of energy (V2G, ​​braking railways, domestic cogeneration, ...) and energy storage as a support system.

Telecontrol STM is directly involved in this project through the develop the gateway system between the Intelligent Mobile Recharge System device and the Charge Manager. This system called EDEN gateway is able to "speak" for both the web services with Intelligent Mobile Recharge System device as the Charge Manager.

It is noteworthy that WALKIRIA is within the INNPACTO program.

The call funds projects in a public-private partnerships between research organizations and enterprises in order to the performing R & D projects which are oriented to exploitable products based on demand. These projects aim to create innovative companies, direct the activity of existing companies to innovative activity, mobilizing private investment, create jobs and improve the technological balance of the country.

Ref number.: IPC-2012-0999-120000

Financed from the budget of expenditure of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness Project

Wednesday, May 1, 2013